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Amateur poetry-1

My first poem was published in

annual souvenir , first year

college ,

This is second


Long distance between you

dear stars of universe ,

cached in two small eyes ,

Humans of the earth

so near to each other ,



they remain in wast distance ,

Dear Universe .

Fathers Day 2018

remembering M. K. Gandhi

Father of nation as he is called

Born 1869, in India ,

Then India was under British


His first outbreak was in South

Africa, where he was thrown out

of train compartment by white

man , & that aprttedness changed

his motto of life,

His long struggle to free India

from British rule begun ,

He came to India ,

& along with other leaders joined

Indian National Congress,

His principles of truth, simplicity

Nonviolence , are still relevant ,

15 th August 1947

India was a free ,

He was/is A father of nation ,

Strange dream – 1

Dreams suddenly fade away (difficult to memorise)

Only little i can remember is , it was a sort of wedding ceremony at my uncles home , many guests were there( all unknown faces) ,

Among them only two , my father & my auntie were known to me were present , my father is no more now , & my aunt still there , must be around 80 ,

What could be probable reason is topic for research as to why our close relatives appear in dreams ,

(To be continued upon next dream) – thanks .